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Vivo Y51 Philippines Price, Specs & Review

Price Overview (prices are up to date as of March 20, 2018) Official Price PhP 7,990 Average Price PhP 7,200 Shops with lowest Price Around PhP 5,800 on shops in Greenhills PhP 5,990 Argo Mall Online Store Other Prices PhP 8,990 16GB version in Lazada ( PhP 566 per month installment) About the Vivo Y51 Good news to all Vivo fans out there. The 5-inch Vivo Y51 phone has been launched in November. VIVO the Chinese technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures smartphones, smartphone accessories, software, and online services is making its felt presence in the Philippines by this yet another an entry-level Android phone with enough hardware & software features enough for normal users. Specs Overview Display 5 inch multi touch (66.8% screen-to-body ratio) 540 x 960 pixels, 16:9 ratio 220 ppi density OS Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop) Funtouch OS 2
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The Highly Anticipated LG G6 Phone – Release Date & Specs

LG has unveiled the G6, its next top of the line Android Smartphone. As previously confirmed by LG and reported by tech media, the G6 will include a vast 5.7-inch screen with not so standard aspect ratio of 2:1 and an accentuation on insignificant bezels. The exact release date has yet to be announced. UPDATE: The LG has been officially released on March 2017 . LG's flagship smartphone the G6 has seen a lot of tension around the world. It is said to be one of the biggest competitors in the market for 2017. While the information hasn't been officially confirmed yet, many pictures of the unannounced g6 mini has just emerged online. Now just a heads up the LG G6 mini is not actually the official name and the company hasn't even said what the official name will be and there's no code name for this device either but the miniature version will support a 5.4 inch panel and a screen about a ratio of under 80%. However both LG G6 models feature the same 18 non-action

Check Out That Gizmo at Techietonic

Have you ever tried being inside a gadget store and being lulled by that salesman into buying stuff which you later regret buying either because of lousy features or unforeseen slump in market value ? Yes, I know how disappointing that could be. The thing with purchasing your ideal gadgets is that you should be conscious of  impulse-buying. Just because someone says that a certain cellphone model is fast doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fast according to your standards. And when your friend casually tells you that his laptop has mind-blowing applications, don’t just immediately go to a gadget shop looking for the same unit. Background check – this is the key to finding the best gadget for you. I recommend you browse through this gadgets blog for the most understandable description of the latest mobile phones, laptops, e-book readers, and other gadgets for your tech-savvy side. Not only does this website provide the technical details, but it also goes that extra mile to inform yo

The Next Generation iPhone Unveiled: Meet the iPhone 4S

It was last October 4, 2011 when the most awaited event of the year in the tech world, Apple event   (first Apple event was held in March to unveil the next installment of the iPad tablet PC or iPad 2) was held. Months before this event, tech buzz and rumors claimed that Apple will release the 5th generation of their premier smartphone, the iPhone 5. Days before the most anticipated event, mainstream tech websites posted that an iPhone 4S will be introduced rather than the iPhone 5. These claims were made even convincing when the Apple website in Japan posted the iPhone 4S in their website day before the October 4 event. Though the item text /description is written in Japanese, it is clear though that it’s indeed NOT an iPhone 5. iPhone 4S Many might have been disappointed as they learned that no iPhone 5 yet will be available on mobile carriers shelves this year. Probably fans think that it’s just an improvement of the previous iPhone, and the known iPhone 4 problems and iss

Apple v.s. Samsung Gizmos : My Personal Choice

I am not an apple fan as most of my gadgets are Samsung. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S and the older version of Samsung Galaxy Tab. I just got intimate with Samsung gadgets as they look pretty amazing, stylish, and I love Black! So when my sister asked me to help her find a tablet, my world shook ahead of me. I saw the iPad 2 from the advertisements in the internet and have seen it a couple of times in coffee shops. It looks good and pricey but I always say,,, what the heck. Samsung does the job for me. I never attempted to bother try any applications from displays and stores. But when I went with my sister to an Apple store, I cannot say any bad word regarding the functional and very fascinating (and I must say fast processing) applications on the Ipad 2. I bought my little sister (I still call her little even though she’s 16) the Ipad 2 that day. Although technically it was for her (as my advance gift), it was always me who uses the Ipad 2. I am hooked with it

A Smartphone Rant - The Apple iPhone Phenomenon

This article was published several years back, which is during the iPhone 4 era. Info presented here is outdated. These days, the latest iPhone, the iPhone X, its screen of super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen has a  size of 5. 8 inches diagonally. In addition, the screen has resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels In the beginning, when an apple and serpent came into the seen, it shook the whole world, thus making history for humankind. And that is what Apple is doing now – shaking and even shocking the world. Apple started with brilliant minds behind it. Their products are very much recognized and most importantly, loved by the whole wide world. Since the inception of iPhone, I immediately grabbed one from AT&T. I didn’t really know what to expect until I saw and used the real thing. I immediately noticed the iPhone screen size that is really amazing with its touch screen capability. I scroll the screen as such I feel that my finger wasn’t even touching the display. I also love t

My Old Samsung SGH-D500 Mobile Phone

This is a lookback on my old yet functonal Samsung phone. I bought this SGH-D500 phone way back in May 2005, few months after its release in the Market. It is one of the hottest phones during those days – believe me! Here is a good review I’ve read from one of the top local tech mags (T3). We’ve been hooting about the appearance of Bluetooth on this phone from Samsung, but this phone is also a 1.3 Megapixel snapper. Take one, look at it, and you will want it, we guarantee. We’ve always been fans of the slide mechanism, and are ecstatic to finally see some specs tat actually tempt us to buy one. Mercifully, Samsung has decided to embrace Bluetooth, so you can share those pictures at last. The presence of Bluetooth makes the non-expandable 800 megabytes memory not such a big deal. As usual, for Samsung, the D500 is well built and has gorgeous 262K color screen. My Old Samsung SGH D500 Phone The SGH D500 may pack the most pixels in the group (together with Siemens S65 ), b

Meet the Blackberry Smartphones For This Year

Last year was a good year for RIM’s Blackberry as they posted a good sales of their smartphones. Blackberry is one of the market leaders among smartphone manufacturers. Blackberry smartphones are popular for their email clients, secure server, and not to mention their qwerty phone models. See the Latest Blackberry Mobile Phones with Qwerty Keyboard | Flip, Slider, Bar This year Blackberry enters another field in the mobile industry – the tablet PC market. Recently Blackberry announced its first tablet PC, the Blackberry Playbook, a device intended to rival the leading iPad. I wonder though if Blackberry Playbook might have been a bit late as the new iPad, iPad second generation, has been unveiled month prior to the Playbook. Nevertheless, the Playbook will surely attract users that prefer the Blackberry platform and those who enjoy their apps. When it comes to smartphones, of course as one of the leading brands, the Blackberry line has a good line up for this year. See the List of

iPad 2 is Coming - New Features and Improvements to Expect

Anytime next week the iPad 2 will be unveiled if rumors are to be believed. If not, the closest prediction fof the second generation iPad introduction is anytime this March or April. Stay tuned to iPad 2 news to get updates. Next Generation iPad Update: The iPad 2 has been officially unveiled on March 2. See the details here: The iPad Second Version | Generation 2 of the iPad So you are one of the million fans of iPad and is exited with the second generation iPad? What will users expect on this version is not yet disclosed. Many rumors reveal that the iPad 2 would slightly vary in terms of weight, dimensions or probably in form factor compared to the current models of this tablet PC from Apple Many people are expecting the iPad 2 to be feature-packed, as apple is known to be pioneer of exciting features on their gadgets. Also, iPad fans are upbeat that the next ipad will deal the previous versions shortcoming. Such lapses include ipad's lack of cameras, which is really v

No More Phone and Address Sharing for Facebook Apps for Now

Facebook recently made a decision that bashed by critics due to the possible risk on users' privacy and security. Facebook allowed application developers, particularly the app itself, to get access to users phone numbers and addresses when users grant permission to the application. Many Facebook users often grant all the permissions the app asks, as they are usually not aware of possible risks or simply because that’s the only way they can use the app – Grant Permission! Imagine you can’t play everybody’s favorite Farmville because it’s asking for your contact info and your hesitant to give your details. Yeah for sure will end up granting Farmville the permission it requires. But do you know how will Zynga use your phone and address details? How risky! This certainly a big threat on users privacy. So Facebook was forced to halt this feature for now due to numerous protests with their decision.