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Apple v.s. Samsung Gizmos : My Personal Choice

I am not an apple fan as most of my gadgets are Samsung. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S and
the older version of Samsung Galaxy Tab. I just got intimate with Samsung gadgets as they look pretty
amazing, stylish, and I love Black! So when my sister asked me to help her find a tablet, my world shook
ahead of me. I saw the iPad 2 from the advertisements in the internet and have seen it a couple of
times in coffee shops. It looks good and pricey but I always say,,, what the heck. Samsung does the job
for me. I never attempted to bother try any applications from displays and stores. But when I went with
my sister to an Apple store, I cannot say any bad word regarding the functional and very fascinating (and
I must say fast processing) applications on the Ipad 2.

I bought my little sister (I still call her little even though she’s 16) the Ipad 2 that day. Although
technically it was for her (as my advance gift), it was always me who uses the Ipad 2. I am hooked
with it. I had downloaded several apps online and read my e-book from there. Good thing she likes to
hang most of her time with her friends rather than her new ipad2. But after a month of using it, I saw
some problems with the ipad 2. The bottom side screen seems brighter and not in synched with the
background light. After another week when talking to my friend through the iPad 2, it suddenly hung. I
thought it was just an isolated instance but it happened again a couple of times more.

Now I read many forums and blogs in the web and found out that the iPad 2 has these faulty issues. I felt cheated since the iPad 2 is much expensive than the galaxy tab that I bought but never did I had any problems with the galaxy tab. I still enjoyed using the Ipad but I hope that the next release of the ipad will be much better than the previous model.

I heard that the iPhone 4 did a great job for having no problems as compared to the iPad 2. The iPhone 4 memory and RAM as they say is functional and live up to its production. Probably because the iPhone 4 is already on its fourth generation. The iPad 2 is just the second version, so let’s give Apple some credit for making such a wonderful device on their second try and hopeful for the third to be more cost worthy.

Edit: did some minor typo fixing


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