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The Next Generation iPhone Unveiled: Meet the iPhone 4S

It was last October 4, 2011 when the most awaited event of the year in the tech world, Apple event  (first Apple event was held in March to unveil the next installment of the iPad tablet PC or iPad 2) was held. Months before this event, tech buzz and rumors claimed that Apple will release the 5th generation of their premier smartphone, the iPhone 5.

Days before the most anticipated event, mainstream tech websites posted that an iPhone 4S will be introduced rather than the iPhone 5. These claims were made even convincing when the Apple website in Japan posted the iPhone 4S in their website day before the October 4 event. Though the item text /description is written in Japanese, it is clear though that it’s indeed NOT an iPhone 5.
iPhone 4S

Many might have been disappointed as they learned that no iPhone 5 yet will be available on mobile carriers shelves this year. Probably fans think that it’s just an improvement of the previous iPhone, and the known iPhone 4 problems and issues are just fixed in this 4S version.

The iPhone 4S looks very similar to the previous iPhone 4, so one might thinks its hardware and physical specs are not changed – might be an upgraded iPhone in terms of OS and apps only. Well, looks can be deceiving! Yes, the comparison between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 in terms of dimensions, size, and outside appearance are exactly the same, but what’s packed inside are totally different. The iPhone 4S is a more powerful beast as it is equipped with a new A5 Dual-Core processor. This processor is similar to that one installed in the iPad 2 – expect great computing power for the iPhone 4S.

Another notable hardware advantage of the iPhone 4S is its dual antenna units. Prior to this version, the iPhone usually comes in two variants: GSM and CDMA (USA uses CSMA, while Asia and Europe use GSM network). Now users from all over the world need not worry about the available network wherever they are in the globe, the iPhone 4S automatically detects the available network and switches accordingly – pretty portable!

When it comes to software, the new iPhone comes with the newest iOS along with other pretty useful apps. But what stands out among the iPhone 4S software is the intelligent Siri. Apple pioneered yet another innovative feature for a smartphone with this Siri.


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