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Meet the Blackberry Smartphones For This Year

Last year was a good year for RIM’s Blackberry as they posted a good sales of their smartphones. Blackberry is one of the market leaders among smartphone manufacturers. Blackberry smartphones are popular for their email clients, secure server, and not to mention their qwerty phone models. See the Latest Blackberry Mobile Phones with Qwerty Keyboard | Flip, Slider, Bar

This year Blackberry enters another field in the mobile industry – the tablet PC market. Recently Blackberry announced its first tablet PC, the Blackberry Playbook, a device intended to rival the leading iPad. I wonder though if Blackberry Playbook might have been a bit late as the new iPad, iPad second generation, has been unveiled month prior to the Playbook. Nevertheless, the Playbook will surely attract users that prefer the Blackberry platform and those who enjoy their apps.

When it comes to smartphones, of course as one of the leading brands, the Blackberry line has a good line up for this year. See the List of BlackBerry Popular Models in 2011 – Blackberry Phones 2011. We are still on the first quarter of the year so we can expect new Blackberry models to be unveiled soon. Other competitors though like Samsung, Nokia and HTC have more new phone models than the Blackberry line.

One of the hottest innovations this year in the field mobile technology is the implementation of 4G connectivity among major network providers. Manufacturers are on race on creating their 4G phones to gain a good lead early. See the Latest Blackberry with 4G | Mobile Phones, Tablet | Release Date 2011
The 4G network these days is still on its early stage i.e. full potential has not yet been implemented. It is currently available on an advanced 3G network called LTE.

With the increasing popularity of Android phones as well as iPhone fans support, Blackberry should really work on new ways to gain a good share in the smartphone industry.


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