Saturday, January 28, 2012

Check Out That Gizmo at Techietonic

Ever tried being inside a gadget shop and being lulled by that salesman into buying stuff which you later regret buying? Yes, I know how annoying that could be.

The thing with purchasing your ideal gadgets is that impulse-buying won’t really do. Just because someone says that a certain cellphone model is fast doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fast according to your standards. And when your friend casually tells you that his laptop has mind-blowing applications, don’t just immediately go to a gadget shop looking for the same unit.

Background check – this is the key to finding the best gadget for you. I recommend you browse through Techietonic gadgets blog for the most understandable description of the latest mobile phones, laptops, e-book readers, and other gadgets for your tech-savvy side.

Not only does this website provide the technical details, but it also goes that extra mile to inform you about the possible problems you might encounter with the unit you are going to buy. Also, you can find here some reviews from actual users – how’s that for reliability? And for those who are torn between so many choices, Techietonic makes detailed comparisons of the trending laptops and cellphones which would let you easily determine which one is right for you – all without you having to be a techie-genius to figure them out because they are written in words even a common student will easily get.

And another thing that I love about this site is that it’s simple, clean, and easy-to-navigate. Visitors won’t have to struggle just to find their dream phone or their ideal notebook.

So don’t just settle for what that geeky salesman tells you. There’s actually a wider array of choices you’re still missing. And it’s time to check them out at

This is a guest post from Gae of Techietonic. For your guest post request on Taztech, you can contact me through my email found in my blogger profile.
Thanks! - Taztech

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Next Generation iPhone Unveiled: Meet the iPhone 4S

Last October 4, 2011, the most awaited Apple event as the year closes (first Apple event was held in March to unveil the next installment of the iPad tablet PC or iPad 2) was held. Months before this event, tech buzz and rumors claimed that Apple will release the 5th generation of their premier smartphone, the iPhone 5.

Days before the most anticipated event, mainstream tech websites posted that an iPhone 4S will be introduced rather than the iPhone 5. These claims were made even convincing when the Apple website in Japan posted the iPhone 4S in their website day before the October 4 event. Though the item text /description is written in Japanese, it is clear though that it’s indeed NOT an iPhone 5.
iPhone 4S

Many might have been disappointed as they learned that no iPhone 5 yet will be available on mobile carriers shelves this year. Probably fans think that it’s just an improvement of the previous iPhone, and the known iPhone 4 problems and issues are just fixed in this 4S version.

The iPhone 4S looks very similar to the previous iPhone 4, so one might thinks its hardware and physical specs are not changed – might be an upgraded iPhone in terms of OS and apps only. Well, looks can be deceiving! Yes, the comparison between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 in terms of dimensions, size, and outside appearance are exactly the same, but what’s packed inside are totally different. The iPhone 4S is a more powerful beast as it is equipped with a new A5 Dual-Core processor. This processor is similar to that one installed in the iPad 2 – expect great computing power for the iPhone 4S.

Another notable hardware advantage of the iPhone 4S is its dual antenna units. Prior to this version, the iPhone usually comes in two variants: GSM and CDMA (USA uses CSMA, while Asia and Europe use GSM network). Now users from all over the world need not worry about the available network wherever they are in the globe, the iPhone 4S automatically detects the available network and switches accordingly – pretty portable!

When it comes to software, the new iPhone comes with the newest iOS along with other pretty useful apps. But what stands out among the iPhone 4S software is the intelligent Siri. Apple pioneered yet another innovative feature for a smartphone with this Siri.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple v.s. Samsung Gizmos : My Personal Choice

I am not an apple fan as most of my gadgets are Samsung. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S and
the older version of Samsung Galaxy Tab. I just got intimate with Samsung gadgets as they look pretty
amazing, stylish, and I love Black! So when my sister asked me to help her find a tablet, my world shook
ahead of me. I saw the iPad 2 from the advertisements in the internet and have seen it a couple of
times in coffe shops. It looks good and pricey but I always say,,, what the heck. Samsung does the job
for me. I never attempted to bother try any applications from displays and stores. But when I went with
my sister to an Apple store, I cannot say any bad word regarding the functional and very fascinating (and
I must say fast processing) applications on the ipad 2.

I bought my little sister (I still call her little even though she’s 16) the ipad 2 that day. Although
technically it was for her (as my advance gift), it was always me who uses the ipad 2. I am hooked
with it. I had downloaded several apps online and read my e-book from there. Good thing she likes to
hang most of her time with her friends rather than her new ipad2. But after a month of using it, I saw
some problems with the ipad 2. The bottom side screen seems brighter and not in synched with the
background light. After another week when talking to my friend through the iPad 2, it suddenly hung. I
thought it was just an isolated instance but it happened again a couple of times more.

Now I read manyforums and blogs in the web and found out that the iPad 2 has these faulty issues. I felt cheated since the iPad 2 is much expensive than the galaxy tab that I bought but never did I had any problems with the galaxy tab. I still enjoyed using the ipad but I hope that the next release of the ipad will be much better than the previous model.

I heard that the iPhone 4 did a great job for having no problems as compared to the iPad 2. The iPhone 4 memory and RAM as they say is functional and live up to its production. Probably because the iPhone 4 is already on its fourth generation. The iPad 2 is just the second version, so let’s give Apple some credit for making such a wonderful device on their second try and hopeful for the third to be more cost worthy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Smartphone Rant - The Apple iPhone Phenomenon

In the beginning, when an apple and serpent came into the seen, it shook the whole world, thus making history for humankind. And that is what Apple is doing now – shaking and even shocking the world. Apple started with brilliant minds behind it. Their products are very much recognized and most importantly, loved by the whole wide world.

Since the inception of iPhone, I immediately grabbed one from AT&T. I didn’t really know what to expect until I saw and used the real thing. I immediately noticed the iPhone screen size that is really amazing with its touch screen capability. I scroll the screen as such I feel that my finger wasn’t even touching the display. I also love the fact that it is supported by my other Mac Gizmos, such as my MacBook Pro. I can easily manage my files, music etc. I mean, really easy!

Previous models of touchscreen phones, which offer web browsing cannot keep up with iPhone. I have my iPhone 4 now after passing it to my younger brother. And amazingly, it never stops from surprising me. Right now, I have my iPhone 4 with me all day and all nightlong. She (I call her Ana) wakes me up in the morning, reads me the news, connects me with my friends and soothes my ears with a relaxing music before I go to sleep. I don’t know life anymore without my iPhone. And immediately when Apple releases iPhone 5 by October this year, I will be the first one to cue in line to get one of best gadget in town.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Old Samsung SGH-D500 Mobile Phone

I bought this Samsung phone way back in May 2005, few months after its release in the Market. It is one of the hottest phones during those days – believe me! Here is a good review I’ve read from one of the top local tech mags (T3).

We’ve been hooting about the appearance of Bluetooth on this phone from Samsung, but this phone is also a 1.3 Megapixel snapper. Take one, look at it, and you will want it, we guarantee. We’ve always been fans of the slide mechanism, and are ecstatic to finally see some specs tat actually tempt us to buy one. Mercifully, Samsung has decided to embrace Bluetooth, so you can share those pictures at last. The presence of Bluetooth makes the non-expandable 800 megabytes memory not such a big deal. As usual, for Samsung, the D500 is well built and has gorgeous 262K color screen.

My Old Samsung SGH D500 Phone

The SGH D500 may pack the most pixels in the group (together with Siemens S65), but it doesn’t always take the best pictures. It’s not as bad as camera, mind you, but under certain conditions, like outdoor photos, it is. The non-expandable memory is a concern if you take a lot of photos and don’t have a PC nearby to upload to.

The camera’s quirky exposure isn’t that big a deal, as most camera phones are still struggling in that department, and the non-expandable storage is a let down. Otherwise, this camera phone is an excellent choice. The sexy slider has won our hearts. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet the Blackberry Smartphones For This Year

Last year was a good year for RIM’s Blackberry as they posted a good sales of their smartphones. Blackberry is one of the market leaders among smartphone manufacturers. Blackberry smartphones are popular for their email clients, secure server, and not to mention their qwerty phone models. See the Latest Blackberry Mobile Phones with Qwerty Keyboard | Flip, Slider, Bar

This year Blackberry enters another field in the mobile industry – the tablet PC market. Recently Blackberry announced its first tablet PC, the Blackberry Playbook, a device intended to rival the leading iPad. I wonder though if Blackberry Playbook might have been a bit late as the new iPad, iPad second generation, has been unveiled month prior to the Playbook. Nevertheless, the Playbook will surely attract users that prefer the Blackberry platform and those who enjoy their apps.

When it comes to smartphones, of course as one of the leading brands, the Blackberry line has a good line up for this year. See the List of BlackBerry Popular Models in 2011 – Blackberry Phones 2011. We are still on the first quarter of the year so we can expect new Blackberry models to be unveiled soon. Other competitors though like Samsung, Nokia and HTC have more new phone models than the Blackberry line.

One of the hottest innovations this year in the field mobile technology is the implementation of 4G connectivity among major network providers. Manufacturers are on race on creating their 4G phones to gain a good lead early. See the Latest Blackberry with 4G | Mobile Phones, Tablet | Release Date 2011
The 4G network these days is still on its early stage i.e. full potential has not yet been implemented. It is currently available on an advanced 3G network called LTE.

With the increasing popularity of Android phones as well as iPhone fans support, Blackberry should really work on new ways to gain a good share in the smartphone industry.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

iPad 2 is Coming - New Features and Improvements to Expect

Anytime next week the iPad 2 will be unveiled if rumors are to be believed. If not, the closest prediction fof the second generation iPad introduction is anytime this March or April. Stay tuned to iPad 2 news to get updates.

Next Generation iPad

Update: The iPad 2 has been officially unveiled on March 2. See the details here: The iPad Second Version | Generation 2 of the iPad

So you are one of the million fans of iPad and is exited with the second generation iPad? What will users expect on this version is not yet disclosed. Many rumors reveal that the iPad 2 would slightly vary in terms of weight, dimensions or probably in form factor compared to the current models of this tablet PC from Apple

Many people are expecting the iPad 2 to be feature-packed, as apple is known to be pioneer of exciting features on their gadgets. Also, iPad fans are upbeat that the next ipad will deal the previous versions shortcoming. Such lapses include ipad's lack of cameras, which is really very important for mobile device like the iPad. Imagine just how useless your tablet without cameras. Or let's say you don't need a high-resolution rear camera for taking videos and photos, at least you need a front camera for video chatting!

Another issue Apple needs to address is the iPad's lack of support to the universal format Flash. Yes Flash can be considered universal as it is supported by major industry players including Microsoft, Google, HP etc. - of course with the exception of Apple. But what is the big problem with Apple of not supporting the Flash? The Apple's excuse of Flash being too buggy is not acceptable. As mentioned, other popular names are supporting the Flash and make no complain about it being too buggy. Apple must have some reasons for this - of course they want to protect the sale of their apps in the Apple App Store. Right! Or prove me wrong Apple with your next iPad version.
iPad Competitors

The iPAd 2 should also cope to the current competition are other mainstream tablets these days are feature packed! Just take for example the new Motorola Xoom. It boasts a dual core processor, has cameras, has the latest Android 3.0 OS and possesses other attractions.

Will the iPad have what it takes to be still the most popular in the tablet market? Or will the current competition has already outlasted this tablet yet to be unveiled. We will find this out these coming days.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No More Phone and Address Sharing for Facebook Apps for Now

Facebook recently made a decision that bashed by critics due to the possible risk on users' privacy and security. Facebook allowed application developers, particularly the app itself, to get access to users phone numbers and addresses when users grant permission to the application.

Many Facebook users often grant all the permissions the app asks, as they are usually not aware of possible risks or simply because that’s the only way they can use the app – Grant Permission!

Imagine you can’t play everybody’s favorite Farmville because it’s asking for your contact info and your hesitant to give your details. Yeah for sure will end up granting Farmville the permission it requires. But do you know how will Zynga use your phone and address details? How risky!

This certainly a big threat on users privacy. So Facebook was forced to halt this feature for now due to numerous protests with their decision.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scheduled Pagerank Toolbar Update | Google 2011 Update of Pagerank

Many webmasters were expecting to have their websites pagerank updated when the year 2011 entered but no green bar movement happened in the Google toolbar. So, many assumed it will be up in the coming days, yet up to this point no pagerank update from Google has been confirmed.

Based on the dates confirmed that there is an update in the pagerank reveal a pattern of 3-month interval for next pagerank update i.e January, April, July and October. The last confirmed pagerank update though happened way back in April 2010. So no page rank update happened during July and October of same year.

Why not? Will Google deprecate the concept of pagerank that’s why it did not post updates during the months it supposed to be updated? You will notice from Google blog posts, also you can hear from Matt Cutts, head of Google Spam Division, that pagerank is just one of the 200 plus factors that determine the position of the page in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Adding that webmasters should not be concerned with pagerank as long as they provide good and quality contents for their visitors and build quality backlinks.

Some news revealed though that the pagerank concept is patented to Stanford University and Google has only license to make use of it until 2010. Could this means why Google is not making any pagerank update due to the expiration last year? If this is the case, the question like Will Google introduce their own so called pagerank?

But why most webmasters are concerned with the pagerank even if Google consistently reiterates that pagerank should not be of main concern for the pages. Let’s admit it, although if it is not the major factor in ranking a page in the SERP, it has valuable commercial use.
- Advertisers are most likely to publish their product ads to high pagerank and related websites.
- If you are selling your website, one of the major things being checked by the buyer is the pagerank. You won’t get a good profit from selling a pagerank 0 websites even if it has good contents as compared to selling a PR 4.

And of course going back to the basic concept of pagerank as ‘trust’, a high pagerank website definitely means it is well trusted and can be a source of good content as every relevant backlink it has means a vote of trust to this website.

Will Google continue to make use of the pagerank concept or introduce their own version is still a news we have to look forward in the coming days or months.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Meet MyPhone Duo T23 - Review, Specifications, Features and Price

"A Touch Screen mobile phone from MyPhone packed with handful of applications"

MyPhone products are popular in the local market for their relatively budget Duo (Dual Sim Card Capability) and Qwerty phone models. If the My|Phone QW28 Duo is popular for its WiFi, this My|Phone T23 Duo stands out among its MyPhone peers for its touch screen.

Its Price
The unit is sold at around 3400 pesos (about USD$77).

Specifications and Features
  • 2.8“ 240X320 pixels QVGA full touch screen display
  • (104.8) x (56) x (12.9) mm dimension and weighs 91gms
  • 2.0 Megapixel rear camera
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • GPRS Class 12
  • 7hr 15mins Talk Time / 215hrs Standby Time
  • MP3/MP4 player, Yamaha amplifier, Sound recorder, Stereo FM radio
  • microSD up to 8GB

My Phone T23 Duo
My|Phone T23 Duo has a dimension of (104.8) x (56) x (12.9) mm. Its not bulky nor a slim mobile phone. Nevertheless, it’s pretty handy and can be fitted on most pouches. It weights relatively light (91 grams) that makes it even portable.

Battery lasts for more than 7 hrs for if you do pure voice calls, which is already satisfying for needs of most users. The standby time lasts for about 9 days- pretty attractive too.

Its touch screen display stretches at 2.8 inches diagonally covering almost its whole body surface – also another good attraction.

When it comes to the camera, it is equipped in its rear panel. It’s supposed to be a 2 mega pixel resolution but the output images don’t seem to pass the 2.0 mega-pixel quality. The My Phone Q19i also has same issue when it comes to the camera quality. MyPhone seems not to deliver impressive job when it comes to cameras on its phones. If you care not much for a camera in a phone, then it is all well for you.

When it comes to multimedia, it capable of playing the popular media files format like mp3, mp4, etc. Additionally, it has an FM radio, Sound Recorder and Yamaha amplifier settings.

The My|Phone T23 Duo is not WIFI capable though. Its other data connectivity features include Bluetooth and USB.

The touch screen is surely its most notable highlight. Other features are what a standard mobile phone these days has. Its broad display delivers pretty good job when using applications as well as for viewing video files. By the way, you might also find its expandable memory through its MicroSD slot useful if you need more storage for media files.

There are still other relatively affordable units though, or you may want to check other available phone models to compare which will suit you best.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Reasons Why Choose Samsung Galaxy Tab Over the iPad

Samsung Galaxy

The battle between ipad and Samsung galaxy for best tablet PC has been a long debate now. Many deem that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect ipad alternative. Here are the major reasons why get a Samsung Galaxy instead of ipad.

• Functionalities
The lack of camera of ipad is one of its major drawbacks. Imagine how useless it is as a mobile device because of its lack of camera. You can’t make videoconference or just even take some photos while you are on the go. There are rumors though that apple will be installing a camera on their next version of ipad. Apple probably realized their lapse on not fitting a camera on their flagship tablet PC. Other ipad alternatives in the market come with cameras making ipad an inferior pc tablet.

Another advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is its versatility of turning into a mobile phone. It can be converted easily into a mobile phone, capable of SMS and voice calls, just by putting SIM Card. Meanwhile, the ipad also has a sim card slot, but only for the sole purpose of its 3G connectivity – incapable of SMS and voice calls

• Portability
When it comes to portability, the Samsung Galaxy is clearly the winner. The bulky size of the ipad can’t make itself fit on most pouches. You will need an extra bag for this one, just that is comparable to your netbook. Its bulky size makes it also heavier compared to the Samsung tablet.

• Android V.S Apple Market
Who wants to get tied with Apple set of products forever? By just only having apple apps you might close you are closing your door for more robust and apps from the android Market. Besides they are open source – making them evolve into more secure and robust applications in the future.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Myphone QW28 Duo Review - Features and Price

The Myphone QW28 Duo is another qwerty model from the Myphone products. It is currently one of the pricey units from Myphone. What makes it more expensive compared to their relatively budget array of mobile phones is that it's equipped with good attractions. Sold at the current price of about 6000 pesos (more or less $136), still pretty affordable, here is a summary of its features

  • Qwerty Keypad
  • Dual Sim card
  • 2.4-inch display
  • 115 X 64.5 X 12.2 mm dimension and about 103 grams
  • 3.2 mega pixel rear camera
  • WIFI connectivity! Bluethooth, USB
  • about 7 hrs battery life (talk time)
  • MP3, MP4, FM Player
  • micro SD
  • on screen shortcuts to Facebook, Twitter etc.
I like how its qwerty keypad fits elegantly on the board. You will also find enough space for your fingers when typing in its keypad. Same with Duo Myphone units, the dual sim card capability works best if you need to use more than one contact number at the same time without the hassle of having another mobile phone. The unit also comes with built buttons in the keypad to access each sim card.

Myphone QW28 Duo

On the other hand, im not quite convinced with the quality of images its 3.2 mega pixel camera delivers as compared to other brands with more or less the same resolution. A flash could have made the picture quality sounder.

So here is the main attraction- WIFI! Yes this pretty affordable mobile phone is equipped with WIFI connectivity. You will not need to worry on somewhat overpriced GPRS and 3G anymore as free WIFI connection is everywhere these days – perfect for on the go Tweeting and updating your Facebook status. Also for those who are into instant messaging you’ll find it useful. It has pre-installed Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype and other instant applications. 

The cellphone also boasts its 7-hour battery life (talk time). Standby time, on the other hand, lasts for about 250 hrs! The 7 hours of talk time is pretty long for most users, so you might find the long battery life useful for internet browsing or using some of its built in apps. 

The My phone qw28 is a multi media player too. It can play the standard multi media files – MP4, MP3 etc. I’m just a bit disappointed with its lack of good loud speakers. Nevertheless, you can plug in 3.5mm-jack earphones. Also, with its expandable micrSD slot, storing media files is not a problem. 

Overall, this cellphone is a good trade for your money – relatively low price mobile phone with some attractive features.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Battle for Tablet PC: Ipad v.s Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Apple ipad has been around for quite sometime now. It easily gained popularity especially among Apple fans from the time it was unveiled. Clearly, the ipad has a good share among tablet pc in the market.
Recently, Samsung announced its new tablet PC named Samsung Galaxy Tab. Many deemed this tablet pc from Samsung to be the ipad’s top competitor and best iPad alternative.

So let us compare what the two have in common and the advantage of each over the other. Here I listed a summary of their features that can be matched:

  • Dimension (height x width x depth): (242.8) x (189.7) x (13.4) mm
  • Weight: 730 g
  • Display: 9.7-inch diagonal 
  • Operating System:  iOS 4
  • Processor: 1.0 Ghz
  • Battery Life (surfing, video and music playing): Up to 10 hours
  • Camera:   N/A
  • Memory:  16/32 GB + flash drive up to 64 GB 
  • SMS and Voice Call: N/A

Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Dimension (height x width x depth): (190.09) x (120.45) x (11.98) mm
  • Weight: 380 g
  • Display: 7-inch diagonal
  • Operating System: Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Processor: 1.0 Ghz
  • Battery Life (surfing, video and music playing): Up to 7 hours
  • Camera: 3.0 Megapixel with Led Flash (rear)1.3 Megapixel (front)
  • Memory:   16/32 GB plus Micro SD up to 32 GB
  • SMS and Voice Call:  Capable

Ipad has noticeably bigger dimension compared to the Galaxy Tab. With 9.7-inch screen, browsing the internet, watching videos and even reading e-books will give a good viewing experience. The touch screen also works perfectly for the bigger screen.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has relatively smaller dimension and almost only half the weight of the ipad. The 7-inch screen, anyway, will be good enough for more personal viewing i.e. as an handheld device. The size of this tablet PC proves its advantage when it comes to portability – it is compact and can be fitted in a pouch or small bag.

When it comes to the operating system, the ipad runs on iOS 4, which is specifically designed for this device. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on Google Android Froyo. Both have 1.0 Ghz processor, each with different technology involved. The ipad has the Apple A4 custom-designed while the Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on processor with PowerVR SGX540

The battery life is another point for comparison. The 10 hour battery life of ipad clearly outruns the 7 hour capability of the Galaxy Tab. If you need more than 7 hours stretch of using a tablet pc, you might consider the 10 hour battery life of ipad.

You must agree that a camera is one of the indispensable features of a mobile device these days, right?. Even if you rarely do video conferencing, what abut those particular moments when you need to take photos or take a video of special scene while you are on the go? The designers of ipad should have considered placing a camera on the device. The Galaxy Tab comes not just with a rear camera but also equipped with a front camera – perfect for video conferencing. The Galaxy Tab surely poses an advantage for having cameras and proving to be a more compact device.

Speaking of being a compact device, the Samsung Galaxy puts another treath to the ipad rival by having an SMS and voice call capabilities. Yes, you can turn this tablet PC into a mobile phone. It comes with a SIM card slot for a mobile phone. The Apple ipad also has sim card slot but only for the sole purpose of its 3G connectivity.

When it comes to the price, the ipad 16 GB wifi + 3G is normally sold at $723 while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 16 GB counter part is at $791. Prices may vary from regions or countries but one thing is unvarying, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is sold at a bit higher price.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet My|Phone Model Q19i Duo - Review Specs Features and Price of My Phone Q19i

I was roaming around the mall yesterday for my Saturday off. I decided to check for the latest Samsung Galaxy tablet PC. I am planning to get one as Christmas present for my self :) Oh yeah i prefer one over the ipad as I don't want to get locked with Apple products.

Then I stumbled upon the mobile phones displayed on one stall. The price of one item caught my attention so i decided to check the features. It's a My phone Q19i Duo with price of 1950 pesos or about $US 43.00 and i believe it is the cheapest among myphone phones.

Here are the features of this unit:
- the ever famous Myphone dual simcard capability
- qwerty keypad
- a 2 Megapixel rear camera
- an FM and mp3 player
- built in Facebook, Twitter and Friendster support (they are actually in the main menu)
- some games and apps
- dimension of 111 x 61 x 13 millimeters and about 76 grams

I decided to give it a try as I badly need a qwerty phone. Besides the price is relatively cheap. Also, I can make use of my spare Simcard - perfect for greeting my contacts from other network provider this holiday season.
Ok my quest for the day, to look for the Samsung Galaxy, was superceded by a bit of excitement of having a qwerty phone again - Myphone Q19i Duo.

Here i took some pictures.
Myphone Q19i Duo

Well, I was bit skeptical at first as I am not quite fulfilled with my previous Myphone QTV22 Duo. I had its charger slot broken in span of few months. 

So here's my review for this model:

• The dual simcard functionality works perfectly- as always. I had my other simcard active now. yey! The keypad also presents 2 keys for each simcard so you don't have to dig on the menu. I give this 4.5 out 5 -nearly perfect
• The qwerty keypad also boasts the same. Pretty good keypads considering the price. A 4 out of 5

• The 2-Megapixel camera? Oh wait is it really a 2-megapixel? Maybe i need to check again the specs on the box. But I think it's not even a 1 Megapixel in resolution. Also, i can't find a way to zoom in or zoom out the focus of a shot though there's an option in the screen to do so. Am I just missing something or that option simply doesn't work? 1 out 5

• The Facebook, Twiter and Friendster shortcuts really helps for quick access as they are on the main menu, but the WIFI incapability of this unit won't make use of them for me. Not bad if you are using GPRS. 3 out of 5

• Mp3 and FM player - the lack of good loudspeaker makes this unit a bit unsatisfying. Just plug in your earphone if you are into music. 3 out of 5 also.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Myphone Duo Phones - Reviews and Prices

Myphone is one of the new comers among the giant players in the mobile phone industry. These mobile phones are made in the Philippines. Myphone is one of the pioneers and popular brand made locally and has goal for international market. .

The following are the main attractions:

  • Dual active sim card - this is probably the most notable trademark of Myphone products. Their model names come with the tag "Duo" that signifies its dual sim card capability. Both simcards can be active at the same time, which is like having two phones on one unit. This can be a cure among those people who have contacts on 2 different network providers.

  • Filipino contents -other models come up with built in Filipino contents making it a more localized product. 

  • TV Phones - some models are television capable. You can watch from VHF and UHF channels clearly outdoors. But if you're in a nearly closed room you might end up finding a spot to get a clear signal. Just consider why you need to place an antenna on pole for your ordinary television - you need to get a clear reception.

  • Budget Phones - they have relatively low prices for a quite number of latest features they are equipped. I think is it because they are made locally so you don't have to cover the customs taxes, shipping costs etc.

There are other things you need to consider though in getting a Myphone unit

- On user friendliness

Though interface is patterned with industry standard phones, I find that they are bit lacking in the navigation aspect but users won't we alienated by their user interface in general.

- Durability and Parts Services

Overall, you can rely on their durability but the question relies on how many service centers do the company have across major cities or how many independent service technicians are knowledgeable on repairing a malfunctioned unit.

Thre are different models to choose from - Bar, Qwerty, Slide, Touchscreen and TV phones. Here is a summarry of popular models and their current prices.

Myphone Models and Prices

Q19i Duo (Qwerty) - PhP1,888.00  (about $ 42.00)
Q21 Duo (Qwerty) - PhP4,990.00 (about $ 111.00)
Q29 Duo (Qwerty) - PhP3,999.00 (about $ 89.00)
QT23 Duo (Qwerty) - PhP4,990.00 (about $ 111.00)
QT7 Duo (Qwerty) - PhP3,990.00 (about $ 87.00)
QV27 Duo "S Phone" (Qwerty) - PhP4,999.00 (about $ 111.00)
QW28 Duo -  PhP5,990.00 (about $ 133.00)

QTV20 Duo (TV and Qwerty) - PhP2,990.00 (about $ 66.00)
QTV80 Duo (TV and Qwerty) - PhP2,990.00 (about $ 66.00)

Myphone QTV22 Duo Model

Myphone QV27 Duo S Phone Review

The Myphone QV27 Duo S Phone is one of the latest from the Myphone array of qwerty mobile phones. At the current price of about 5000 pesos (nearly $US 113.00) here are the key features you will get.

  •  The Myphone trademark Dual simcard capability
  •  FM player with stereo type
  •  2.0 Megapixel camera for still images and video
  •  Bluetooth, USB port, MicroSD slot
  •  MP3 player
  •  Built in apps and games
  •  2.4 inches display screen

Pretty much common features eh? Yes the my phone qv27 has only the basic features you can get for a mobile phone these days with just the catch of having a qwerty keypad and the dual active simcard capability.

The 2.0 megapixel camera is quite low compared to competitors available these days. Well, the 2.0 megapixel camera can produce clear enough images on well lighted place but do not expect it sharp indoors with insufficient lightings. The video neither can produce quality video for same condition.

The memory card is expandable to 8 Gigabytes though, pretty enough for a handful of mp3 files making this unit a standard mp3 player. Not to mention this unit can also play other media files like mp4.

The battery life is dependable also. You will get 6 hours of talk time and can stay for some ten days in standby mode.
It has quite number of built in applications that i personally prefer. The Opera Mini browser, Gtalk and Skype are indispensable mobile apps and it is cool  this unit have them equipped.
For a 90 grams in weight and 70x70x16.3 mm dimensions, it comes handy when you have its keypad slid in.

(Here i took a picture of it)

myphone qv27 s phone

This unit has no built in WIFI connectivity, which makes it lags behind other models out in the market.

The verdict - overall, I give Myphone QV27 Duo S Phone 3.5 mark out of 5. The unit comes with standard features of a mobile phone these days with reasonable price but quite lags behind when it comes to enhanced features and attractions.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to place Google Analytics to your Blogger

It's been weeks now since i experience trouble on viewing my blogs statistics. I always get this message when i go to the stats tab in my blogger dashboard: "There was an error while fetching stats. Please reload page."
No matter how i reload the page the problem persists. 

So to get an overview of my blogs visitors' statistics, I decided to try to place Google Analytics. I was skeptical as I thought it was going to be complicated, as Blogger's html source is quite different from ordinary HTML document. But I just follow what i usually do to place analytics code on an html document and I was surprised it works pretty well.

So here are the simple steps on how to place Google Analytics to your Blogger blog.
1. If you haven't signed up for a Google Analytics account, sign up here:
2. You will be presented a form like the picture below. Type your blogger url and fill out the other fields.
click image to enlarge
3. Provide your complete name on the next form.
4. Agree to the terms and conditions, then proceed
5. Copy the code you will be provided. 
click image to enlarge
6. Go to your blogger dashboard and click the Design tab. Then click the Edit HTML from the lower tabs. 
7. Locate the </head> tag in the document and paste the code you copied right before the </head> tag.
8. Save changes.
9. Go back to your Analytics account and refresh the page. The effect might take few minutes before Analytics detects the changes. When everything it is updated you will see something like the figure in your analytics account.
click image to enlarge

I found what caused the problem in displaying my statistics in blogger - caused by some errors in the Firefox browser. I opened my blogger dashboard in Chrome and its working fine. 
Nevertheless, adding Google analytics to your blogger will have extra benefits - think of the google analytics features. Besides, it is pretty simple to add one in your blogger account.

best regards,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wikipedia is Asking for Donations Again

Recently, I noticed that every page I view in wikipedia appears the face of the founder Jimmy Wales asking for donation "again". Yes, I encountered same appeal from him last year. He is asking again for donation this year.

Last year, his message was they are in need of funds to pay for their web servers and other technical stuff. This year's appeal is not more particular where the collected donations would go, rather he says money would make wikipedia ads free as it is.

I wonder how much funds it generated from last year's appeal considering the millions of visitors it has all over the globe. Millions of dollars for sure! These can certainly power wikipedia's web servers for decades. So why ask for donation again this year?

People will eventually get used to this and eventually will just ignore the appeal (or some might get annoyed) if each year wikipedia asks for donations. I think wikipedia should look into other source of funds other than asking for donations each year.

I wonder if Twitter and other high Alexa ranking websites, which do not display ads, will make same appeal. And i guess the answer is no because there are certainly other source of funds other than asking donations from visitors.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to keep your Yahoo Mail clean from Facebook Notifications

Are you missing those important messages in your yahoo mail because they were covered by enormous notifications from Facebook?

Of course you cannot turn off the facebook notification as sometimes there are also important notifications that you need. So what you need is to filter the incoming messages in your yahoo mail such that all messages coming from Facebook will automatically delivered to a certain folder.

Here are is a simple guide on how to do that.

1. Create a new folder in yahoo mail and name it facebook.

2. Go to yahoo mail options then filter on the left menu. Then click Add Filter found in the upper middle portion of the page.

3. Enter a name for the filter. You can name it Fcebook or whatever you see fit. Then in the sender field, choose "contains" in the drop down menu. Then in the textbox type "facebook". That's all we have to change. Click save changes in the menu and were done.

All incoming messages now from facebook will automatically go to the facebook folder you created earlier.

Now your main inbox is free from 'unimportant' messages from facebook.

Hope that helps

By the way, the screen shots were taken from Yahoo Mail Classic Theme. I prefer the classic theme as it loads relatively faster comapred to the 2 new versions. Nevertheless, the you will find the above steps similar if you are using the recent versions of yahoo mail. You just need to locate where the "Mail Option" is.

Recent Facebook Updates

Here are couple of Facebook updates I recently noticed.

First are the new Facebook Groups. The most noticeable feature of these groups is the group chat. Every member of the group can participate in chat now. Its pretty much like a conference on yahoo messenger, live, or skype. Membership requires no invitation unlike the old groups. Existing members can add new members without waiting for confirmation of the invitee.
-They are more personalized compared to the old facebook groups.
-They are for people who have close connections.
-Group chat is a powerful tool

-they do not represent a particular category unlike the old groups where they are categorized
-the chat feature is quite annoing as it pops up everytime there are members chatting

Second of the updates I noticed is the new font in the news feed. The font is slightly reduced though i think its still using the lucida grande, tahoma, arial family (if you are aware about that). I find this benificial to me as i have a quite big screen. But people who have small screen might squint their eyes looking in the news feed.

Facebook is quite unpredictable when it comes to putting updates. You'll just be surprised one time that everything is different without even getting notice.