Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Myphone Duo Phones - Reviews and Prices

Myphone is one of the new comers among the giant players in the mobile phone industry. These mobile phones are made in the Philippines. Myphone is one of the pioneers and popular brand made locally and has goal for international market. .

The following are the main attractions:

  • Dual active sim card - this is probably the most notable trademark of Myphone products. Their model names come with the tag "Duo" that signifies its dual sim card capability. Both simcards can be active at the same time, which is like having two phones on one unit. This can be a cure among those people who have contacts on 2 different network providers.

  • Filipino contents -other models come up with built in Filipino contents making it a more localized product. 

  • TV Phones - some models are television capable. You can watch from VHF and UHF channels clearly outdoors. But if you're in a nearly closed room you might end up finding a spot to get a clear signal. Just consider why you need to place an antenna on pole for your ordinary television - you need to get a clear reception.

  • Budget Phones - they have relatively low prices for a quite number of latest features they are equipped. I think is it because they are made locally so you don't have to cover the customs taxes, shipping costs etc.

There are other things you need to consider though in getting a Myphone unit

- On user friendliness

Though interface is patterned with industry standard phones, I find that they are bit lacking in the navigation aspect but users won't we alienated by their user interface in general.

- Durability and Parts Services

Overall, you can rely on their durability but the question relies on how many service centers do the company have across major cities or how many independent service technicians are knowledgeable on repairing a malfunctioned unit.

Thre are different models to choose from - Bar, Qwerty, Slide, Touchscreen and TV phones. Here is a summarry of popular models and their current prices.

Myphone Models and Prices

Q19i Duo (Qwerty) - PhP1,888.00  (about $ 42.00)
Q21 Duo (Qwerty) - PhP4,990.00 (about $ 111.00)
Q29 Duo (Qwerty) - PhP3,999.00 (about $ 89.00)
QT23 Duo (Qwerty) - PhP4,990.00 (about $ 111.00)
QT7 Duo (Qwerty) - PhP3,990.00 (about $ 87.00)
QV27 Duo "S Phone" (Qwerty) - PhP4,999.00 (about $ 111.00)
QW28 Duo -  PhP5,990.00 (about $ 133.00)

QTV20 Duo (TV and Qwerty) - PhP2,990.00 (about $ 66.00)
QTV80 Duo (TV and Qwerty) - PhP2,990.00 (about $ 66.00)

Myphone QTV22 Duo Model

Myphone QV27 Duo S Phone Review

The Myphone QV27 Duo S Phone is one of the latest from the Myphone array of qwerty mobile phones. At the current price of about 5000 pesos (nearly $US 113.00) here are the key features you will get.

  •  The Myphone trademark Dual simcard capability
  •  FM player with stereo type
  •  2.0 Megapixel camera for still images and video
  •  Bluetooth, USB port, MicroSD slot
  •  MP3 player
  •  Built in apps and games
  •  2.4 inches display screen

Pretty much common features eh? Yes the my phone qv27 has only the basic features you can get for a mobile phone these days with just the catch of having a qwerty keypad and the dual active simcard capability.

The 2.0 megapixel camera is quite low compared to competitors available these days. Well, the 2.0 megapixel camera can produce clear enough images on well lighted place but do not expect it sharp indoors with insufficient lightings. The video neither can produce quality video for same condition.

The memory card is expandable to 8 Gigabytes though, pretty enough for a handful of mp3 files making this unit a standard mp3 player. Not to mention this unit can also play other media files like mp4.

The battery life is dependable also. You will get 6 hours of talk time and can stay for some ten days in standby mode.
It has quite number of built in applications that i personally prefer. The Opera Mini browser, Gtalk and Skype are indispensable mobile apps and it is cool  this unit have them equipped.
For a 90 grams in weight and 70x70x16.3 mm dimensions, it comes handy when you have its keypad slid in.

(Here i took a picture of it)

myphone qv27 s phone

This unit has no built in WIFI connectivity, which makes it lags behind other models out in the market.

The verdict - overall, I give Myphone QV27 Duo S Phone 3.5 mark out of 5. The unit comes with standard features of a mobile phone these days with reasonable price but quite lags behind when it comes to enhanced features and attractions.