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How to place Google Analytics to your Blogger

It's been weeks now since i experience trouble on viewing my blogs statistics. I always get this message when i go to the stats tab in my blogger dashboard: "There was an error while fetching stats. Please reload page."
No matter how i reload the page the problem persists. 

So to get an overview of my blogs visitors' statistics, I decided to try to place Google Analytics. I was skeptical as I thought it was going to be complicated, as Blogger's html source is quite different from ordinary HTML document. But I just follow what i usually do to place analytics code on an html document and I was surprised it works pretty well.

So here are the simple steps on how to place Google Analytics to your Blogger blog.
1. If you haven't signed up for a Google Analytics account, sign up here:
2. You will be presented a form like the picture below. Type your blogger url and fill out the other fields.
click image to enlarge
3. Provide your complete name on the next form.
4. Agree to the terms and conditions, then proceed
5. Copy the code you will be provided. 
click image to enlarge
6. Go to your blogger dashboard and click the Design tab. Then click the Edit HTML from the lower tabs. 
7. Locate the </head> tag in the document and paste the code you copied right before the </head> tag.
8. Save changes.
9. Go back to your Analytics account and refresh the page. The effect might take few minutes before Analytics detects the changes. When everything it is updated you will see something like the figure in your analytics account.
click image to enlarge

I found what caused the problem in displaying my statistics in blogger - caused by some errors in the Firefox browser. I opened my blogger dashboard in Chrome and its working fine. 
Nevertheless, adding Google analytics to your blogger will have extra benefits - think of the google analytics features. Besides, it is pretty simple to add one in your blogger account.

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