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Some Reasons Why Choose Samsung Galaxy Tab Over the iPad

Samsung Galaxy

The battle between ipad and Samsung galaxy for best tablet PC has been a long debate now. Many deem that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect ipad alternative. Here are the major reasons why get a Samsung Galaxy instead of ipad.

• Functionalities
The lack of camera of ipad is one of its major drawbacks. Imagine how useless it is as a mobile device because of its lack of camera. You can’t make videoconference or just even take some photos while you are on the go. There are rumors though that apple will be installing a camera on their next version of ipad. Apple probably realized their lapse on not fitting a camera on their flagship tablet PC. Other ipad alternatives in the market come with cameras making ipad an inferior pc tablet.

Another advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is its versatility of turning into a mobile phone. It can be converted easily into a mobile phone, capable of SMS and voice calls, just by putting SIM Card. Meanwhile, the ipad also has a sim card slot, but only for the sole purpose of its 3G connectivity – incapable of SMS and voice calls

• Portability
When it comes to portability, the Samsung Galaxy is clearly the winner. The bulky size of the ipad can’t make itself fit on most pouches. You will need an extra bag for this one, just that is comparable to your netbook. Its bulky size makes it also heavier compared to the Samsung tablet.

• Android V.S Apple Market
Who wants to get tied with Apple set of products forever? By just only having apple apps you might close you are closing your door for more robust and apps from the android Market. Besides they are open source – making them evolve into more secure and robust applications in the future.

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  1. That's the greatest benefit of Samsung over iPad. I think it will rock in 2011 and it's market share will definitely increase.

  2. I'm an android fanatic, and yes it's pretty obvious that samsung galaxy tab is more edgy than the ipad, but ipad is Apple, and there are people out there that are super brand conscious.

  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best seller at :)


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