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Wikipedia is Asking for Donations Again

Recently, I noticed that every page I view in wikipedia appears the face of the founder Jimmy Wales asking for donation "again". Yes, I encountered same appeal from him last year. He is asking again for donation this year.

Last year, his message was they are in need of funds to pay for their web servers and other technical stuff. This year's appeal is not more particular where the collected donations would go, rather he says money would make wikipedia ads free as it is.

I wonder how much funds it generated from last year's appeal considering the millions of visitors it has all over the globe. Millions of dollars for sure! These can certainly power wikipedia's web servers for decades. So why ask for donation again this year?

People will eventually get used to this and eventually will just ignore the appeal (or some might get annoyed) if each year wikipedia asks for donations. I think wikipedia should look into other source of funds other than asking for donations each year.

I wonder if Twitter and other high Alexa ranking websites, which do not display ads, will make same appeal. And i guess the answer is no because there are certainly other source of funds other than asking donations from visitors.


  1. Yes, thats correct. But I use WikiPedia more often. It gives me much support.
    So I made the donation this year.
    Even they did not explained where the money will go, I believe they will certainly make the best use of it.

  2. I donated as well. I figured it was the least I could do for the since they put me through college.


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