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Recent Facebook Updates

Here are couple of Facebook updates I recently noticed.

First are the new Facebook Groups. The most noticeable feature of these groups is the group chat. Every member of the group can participate in chat now. Its pretty much like a conference on yahoo messenger, live, or skype. Membership requires no invitation unlike the old groups. Existing members can add new members without waiting for confirmation of the invitee.
-They are more personalized compared to the old facebook groups.
-They are for people who have close connections.
-Group chat is a powerful tool

-they do not represent a particular category unlike the old groups where they are categorized
-the chat feature is quite annoing as it pops up everytime there are members chatting

Second of the updates I noticed is the new font in the news feed. The font is slightly reduced though i think its still using the lucida grande, tahoma, arial family (if you are aware about that). I find this benificial to me as i have a quite big screen. But people who have small screen might squint their eyes looking in the news feed.

Facebook is quite unpredictable when it comes to putting updates. You'll just be surprised one time that everything is different without even getting notice.