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Old but Goodie Nokia 6233

It was way back in 2006 when I bought my Nokia 6233 mobile phone. It was during this time the hype of 3G technology. Everyone was going for 3G phone so I did.

I picked this unit because its the most affordable 3G phone around considering its features. It has 2 megapixels digital camera, capable of both still images and video, bluetooth, infrared, micro SD and the fact that its a bar. Flip and slide phones are not for me.

Of all the features , what astounded me is its high quality stereo speakers couple with its equalizer you'll get high quality sound. Also it supports most music media type like mp3, wma, midi, aac etc.

After four years i still have this phone and surprisingly it still has its main qualities though i experience very slow startup whenever i reboot it. Well bad me I don't erase messages in the inbox. It has about 4k messages I have no time to scan each unimportant message to delete. (Coz I keep old messages, esp those that are special and of important to me).

I took some photos of my old Nokia 6233 that is still in shape after the long four years though it got some few scratches.

My Old Nokia 6233 still in shape
Got some few scratches after 4 years of use

Its box and toolkit inside
These days, everyone is going for an android phone. I wonder what android phone should I get that would stand the test of time like my Nokia 6233 - an Oldie but Goodie!


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