Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to keep your Yahoo Mail clean from Facebook Notifications

Are you missing those important messages in your yahoo mail because they were covered by enormous notifications from Facebook?

Of course you cannot turn off the facebook notification as sometimes there are also important notifications that you need. So what you need is to filter the incoming messages in your yahoo mail such that all messages coming from Facebook will automatically delivered to a certain folder.

Here are is a simple guide on how to do that.

1. Create a new folder in yahoo mail and name it facebook.

2. Go to yahoo mail options then filter on the left menu. Then click Add Filter found in the upper middle portion of the page.

3. Enter a name for the filter. You can name it Fcebook or whatever you see fit. Then in the sender field, choose "contains" in the drop down menu. Then in the textbox type "facebook". That's all we have to change. Click save changes in the menu and were done.

All incoming messages now from facebook will automatically go to the facebook folder you created earlier.

Now your main inbox is free from 'unimportant' messages from facebook.

Hope that helps

By the way, the screen shots were taken from Yahoo Mail Classic Theme. I prefer the classic theme as it loads relatively faster comapred to the 2 new versions. Nevertheless, the you will find the above steps similar if you are using the recent versions of yahoo mail. You just need to locate where the "Mail Option" is.


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