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Apple v.s. Samsung Gizmos : My Personal Choice

I am not an apple fan as most of my gadgets are Samsung. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S and
the older version of Samsung Galaxy Tab. I just got intimate with Samsung gadgets as they look pretty
amazing, stylish, and I love Black! So when my sister asked me to help her find a tablet, my world shook
ahead of me. I saw the iPad 2 from the advertisements in the internet and have seen it a couple of
times in coffee shops. It looks good and pricey but I always say,,, what the heck. Samsung does the job
for me. I never attempted to bother try any applications from displays and stores. But when I went with
my sister to an Apple store, I cannot say any bad word regarding the functional and very fascinating (and
I must say fast processing) applications on the Ipad 2.

I bought my little sister (I still call her little even though she’s 16) the Ipad 2 that day. Although
technically it was for her (as my advance gift), it was always me who uses the Ipad 2. I am hooked
with it. I had downloa…