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Wikipedia is Asking for Donations Again

Recently, I noticed that every page I view in wikipedia appears the face of the founder Jimmy Wales asking for donation "again". Yes, I encountered same appeal from him last year. He is asking again for donation this year.

Last year, his message was they are in need of funds to pay for their web servers and other technical stuff. This year's appeal is not more particular where the collected donations would go, rather he says money would make wikipedia ads free as it is.

I wonder how much funds it generated from last year's appeal considering the millions of visitors it has all over the globe. Millions of dollars for sure! These can certainly power wikipedia's web servers for decades. So why ask for donation again this year?

People will eventually get used to this and eventually will just ignore the appeal (or some might get annoyed) if each year wikipedia asks for donations. I think wikipedia should look into other source of funds other than asking for donations…

How to keep your Yahoo Mail clean from Facebook Notifications

Are you missing those important messages in your yahoo mail because they were covered by enormous notifications from Facebook?

Of course you cannot turn off the facebook notification as sometimes there are also important notifications that you need. So what you need is to filter the incoming messages in your yahoo mail such that all messages coming from Facebook will automatically delivered to a certain folder.

Here are is a simple guide on how to do that.

1. Create a new folder in yahoo mail and name it facebook.

2. Go to yahoo mail options then filter on the left menu. Then click Add Filter found in the upper middle portion of the page.

3. Enter a name for the filter. You can name it Fcebook or whatever you see fit. Then in the sender field, choose "contains" in the drop down menu. Then in the textbox type "facebook". That's all we have to change. Click save changes in the menu and were done.

All incoming messages now from facebook will automatically go to th…

Recent Facebook Updates

Here are couple of Facebook updates I recently noticed.

First are the new Facebook Groups. The most noticeable feature of these groups is the group chat. Every member of the group can participate in chat now. Its pretty much like a conference on yahoo messenger, live, or skype. Membership requires no invitation unlike the old groups. Existing members can add new members without waiting for confirmation of the invitee.
-They are more personalized compared to the old facebook groups.
-They are for people who have close connections.
-Group chat is a powerful tool

-they do not represent a particular category unlike the old groups where they are categorized
-the chat feature is quite annoing as it pops up everytime there are members chatting

Second of the updates I noticed is the new font in the news feed. The font is slightly reduced though i think its still using the lucida grande, tahoma, arial family (if you are aware about that). I find this benificial to me as i have a qu…

Old but Goodie Nokia 6233

It was way back in 2006 when I bought my Nokia 6233 mobile phone. It was during this time the hype of 3G technology. Everyone was going for 3G phone so I did.

I picked this unit because its the most affordable 3G phone around considering its features. It has 2 megapixels digital camera, capable of both still images and video, bluetooth, infrared, micro SD and the fact that its a bar. Flip and slide phones are not for me.

Of all the features , what astounded me is its high quality stereo speakers couple with its equalizer you'll get high quality sound. Also it supports most music media type like mp3, wma, midi, aac etc.

After four years i still have this phone and surprisingly it still has its main qualities though i experience very slow startup whenever i reboot it. Well bad me I don't erase messages in the inbox. It has about 4k messages I have no time to scan each unimportant message to delete. (Coz I keep old messages, esp those that are special and of important to me).

I t…