Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Old Samsung SGH-D500 Mobile Phone

I bought this Samsung phone way back in May 2005, few months after its release in the Market. It is one of the hottest phones during those days – believe me! Here is a good review I’ve read from one of the top local tech mags (T3).

We’ve been hooting about the appearance of Bluetooth on this phone from Samsung, but this phone is also a 1.3 Megapixel snapper. Take one, look at it, and you will want it, we guarantee. We’ve always been fans of the slide mechanism, and are ecstatic to finally see some specs tat actually tempt us to buy one. Mercifully, Samsung has decided to embrace Bluetooth, so you can share those pictures at last. The presence of Bluetooth makes the non-expandable 800 megabytes memory not such a big deal. As usual, for Samsung, the D500 is well built and has gorgeous 262K color screen.

My Old Samsung SGH D500 Phone

The SGH D500 may pack the most pixels in the group (together with Siemens S65), but it doesn’t always take the best pictures. It’s not as bad as camera, mind you, but under certain conditions, like outdoor photos, it is. The non-expandable memory is a concern if you take a lot of photos and don’t have a PC nearby to upload to.

The camera’s quirky exposure isn’t that big a deal, as most camera phones are still struggling in that department, and the non-expandable storage is a let down. Otherwise, this camera phone is an excellent choice. The sexy slider has won our hearts.