Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No More Phone and Address Sharing for Facebook Apps for Now

Facebook recently made a decision that bashed by critics due to the possible risk on users' privacy and security. Facebook allowed application developers, particularly the app itself, to get access to users phone numbers and addresses when users grant permission to the application.

Many Facebook users often grant all the permissions the app asks, as they are usually not aware of possible risks or simply because that’s the only way they can use the app – Grant Permission!

Imagine you can’t play everybody’s favorite Farmville because it’s asking for your contact info and your hesitant to give your details. Yeah for sure will end up granting Farmville the permission it requires. But do you know how will Zynga use your phone and address details? How risky!

This certainly a big threat on users privacy. So Facebook was forced to halt this feature for now due to numerous protests with their decision.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scheduled Pagerank Toolbar Update | Google 2011 Update of Pagerank

Many webmasters were expecting to have their websites pagerank updated when the year 2011 entered but no green bar movement happened in the Google toolbar. So, many assumed it will be up in the coming days, yet up to this point no pagerank update from Google has been confirmed.

Based on the dates confirmed that there is an update in the pagerank reveal a pattern of 3-month interval for next pagerank update i.e January, April, July and October. The last confirmed pagerank update though happened way back in April 2010. So no page rank update happened during July and October of same year.

Why not? Will Google deprecate the concept of pagerank that’s why it did not post updates during the months it supposed to be updated? You will notice from Google blog posts, also you can hear from Matt Cutts, head of Google Spam Division, that pagerank is just one of the 200 plus factors that determine the position of the page in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Adding that webmasters should not be concerned with pagerank as long as they provide good and quality contents for their visitors and build quality backlinks.

Some news revealed though that the pagerank concept is patented to Stanford University and Google has only license to make use of it until 2010. Could this means why Google is not making any pagerank update due to the expiration last year? If this is the case, the question like Will Google introduce their own so called pagerank?

But why most webmasters are concerned with the pagerank even if Google consistently reiterates that pagerank should not be of main concern for the pages. Let’s admit it, although if it is not the major factor in ranking a page in the SERP, it has valuable commercial use.
- Advertisers are most likely to publish their product ads to high pagerank and related websites.
- If you are selling your website, one of the major things being checked by the buyer is the pagerank. You won’t get a good profit from selling a pagerank 0 websites even if it has good contents as compared to selling a PR 4.

And of course going back to the basic concept of pagerank as ‘trust’, a high pagerank website definitely means it is well trusted and can be a source of good content as every relevant backlink it has means a vote of trust to this website.

Will Google continue to make use of the pagerank concept or introduce their own version is still a news we have to look forward in the coming days or months.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Meet MyPhone Duo T23 - Review, Specifications, Features and Price

"A Touch Screen mobile phone from MyPhone packed with handful of applications"

MyPhone products are popular in the local market for their relatively budget Duo (Dual Sim Card Capability) and Qwerty phone models. If the My|Phone QW28 Duo is popular for its WiFi, this My|Phone T23 Duo stands out among its MyPhone peers for its touch screen.

Its Price
The unit is sold at around 3400 pesos (about USD$77).

Specifications and Features
  • 2.8“ 240X320 pixels QVGA full touch screen display
  • (104.8) x (56) x (12.9) mm dimension and weighs 91gms
  • 2.0 Megapixel rear camera
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • GPRS Class 12
  • 7hr 15mins Talk Time / 215hrs Standby Time
  • MP3/MP4 player, Yamaha amplifier, Sound recorder, Stereo FM radio
  • microSD up to 8GB

My Phone T23 Duo
My|Phone T23 Duo has a dimension of (104.8) x (56) x (12.9) mm. Its not bulky nor a slim mobile phone. Nevertheless, it’s pretty handy and can be fitted on most pouches. It weights relatively light (91 grams) that makes it even portable.

Battery lasts for more than 7 hrs for if you do pure voice calls, which is already satisfying for needs of most users. The standby time lasts for about 9 days- pretty attractive too.

Its touch screen display stretches at 2.8 inches diagonally covering almost its whole body surface – also another good attraction.

When it comes to the camera, it is equipped in its rear panel. It’s supposed to be a 2 mega pixel resolution but the output images don’t seem to pass the 2.0 mega-pixel quality. The My Phone Q19i also has same issue when it comes to the camera quality. MyPhone seems not to deliver impressive job when it comes to cameras on its phones. If you care not much for a camera in a phone, then it is all well for you.

When it comes to multimedia, it capable of playing the popular media files format like mp3, mp4, etc. Additionally, it has an FM radio, Sound Recorder and Yamaha amplifier settings.

The My|Phone T23 Duo is not WIFI capable though. Its other data connectivity features include Bluetooth and USB.

The touch screen is surely its most notable highlight. Other features are what a standard mobile phone these days has. Its broad display delivers pretty good job when using applications as well as for viewing video files. By the way, you might also find its expandable memory through its MicroSD slot useful if you need more storage for media files.

There are still other relatively affordable units though, or you may want to check other available phone models to compare which will suit you best.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Reasons Why Choose Samsung Galaxy Tab Over the iPad

Samsung Galaxy

The battle between ipad and Samsung galaxy for best tablet PC has been a long debate now. Many deem that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect ipad alternative. Here are the major reasons why get a Samsung Galaxy instead of ipad.

• Functionalities
The lack of camera of ipad is one of its major drawbacks. Imagine how useless it is as a mobile device because of its lack of camera. You can’t make videoconference or just even take some photos while you are on the go. There are rumors though that apple will be installing a camera on their next version of ipad. Apple probably realized their lapse on not fitting a camera on their flagship tablet PC. Other ipad alternatives in the market come with cameras making ipad an inferior pc tablet.

Another advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is its versatility of turning into a mobile phone. It can be converted easily into a mobile phone, capable of SMS and voice calls, just by putting SIM Card. Meanwhile, the ipad also has a sim card slot, but only for the sole purpose of its 3G connectivity – incapable of SMS and voice calls

• Portability
When it comes to portability, the Samsung Galaxy is clearly the winner. The bulky size of the ipad can’t make itself fit on most pouches. You will need an extra bag for this one, just that is comparable to your netbook. Its bulky size makes it also heavier compared to the Samsung tablet.

• Android V.S Apple Market
Who wants to get tied with Apple set of products forever? By just only having apple apps you might close you are closing your door for more robust and apps from the android Market. Besides they are open source – making them evolve into more secure and robust applications in the future.

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