Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet My|Phone Model Q19i Duo - Review Specs Features and Price of My Phone Q19i

I was roaming around the mall yesterday for my Saturday off. I decided to check for the latest Samsung Galaxy tablet PC. I am planning to get one as Christmas present for my self :) Oh yeah i prefer one over the ipad as I don't want to get locked with Apple products.

Then I stumbled upon the mobile phones displayed on one stall. The price of one item caught my attention so i decided to check the features. It's a My phone Q19i Duo with price of 1950 pesos or about $US 43.00 and i believe it is the cheapest among myphone phones.

Here are the features of this unit:
- the ever famous Myphone dual simcard capability
- qwerty keypad
- a 2 Megapixel rear camera
- an FM and mp3 player
- built in Facebook, Twitter and Friendster support (they are actually in the main menu)
- some games and apps
- dimension of 111 x 61 x 13 millimeters and about 76 grams

I decided to give it a try as I badly need a qwerty phone. Besides the price is relatively cheap. Also, I can make use of my spare Simcard - perfect for greeting my contacts from other network provider this holiday season.
Ok my quest for the day, to look for the Samsung Galaxy, was superceded by a bit of excitement of having a qwerty phone again - Myphone Q19i Duo.

Here i took some pictures.
Myphone Q19i Duo

Well, I was bit skeptical at first as I am not quite fulfilled with my previous Myphone QTV22 Duo. I had its charger slot broken in span of few months. 

So here's my review for this model:

• The dual simcard functionality works perfectly- as always. I had my other simcard active now. yey! The keypad also presents 2 keys for each simcard so you don't have to dig on the menu. I give this 4.5 out 5 -nearly perfect
• The qwerty keypad also boasts the same. Pretty good keypads considering the price. A 4 out of 5

• The 2-Megapixel camera? Oh wait is it really a 2-megapixel? Maybe i need to check again the specs on the box. But I think it's not even a 1 Megapixel in resolution. Also, i can't find a way to zoom in or zoom out the focus of a shot though there's an option in the screen to do so. Am I just missing something or that option simply doesn't work? 1 out 5

• The Facebook, Twiter and Friendster shortcuts really helps for quick access as they are on the main menu, but the WIFI incapability of this unit won't make use of them for me. Not bad if you are using GPRS. 3 out of 5

• Mp3 and FM player - the lack of good loudspeaker makes this unit a bit unsatisfying. Just plug in your earphone if you are into music. 3 out of 5 also.